Walk the River
Dams and other barriers fragment ecosystems, but we only know where 30% of these barriers are in the UK.
Reconnecting Our River
The Afan, Wales

Help us understand how to bring back salmon and improve river connectivity.


Join in and sign up: below is a map of the river Afan and a spreadsheet where you can register to survey a part of the river.

The blue lines on the map of the river below are "reaches" of river that we need your help to survey to identify barriers to connectivity. The grey lines have already been surveyed.


To volunteer, you can add your name to the sign-up sheet or email us where you’d like to survey.

Free t-shirt for walking the most river reaches

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The Project
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Rivers connect landscape and people from the mountains to the sea. Providing habitat for wildlife and freshwater for the communities they pass through. The reconnecting our river project aims to identify past and present human impacts on our rivers. We are a partnership between industrial, educational, charity and community groups whose goal is to understand these impacts so that together we can reconnect our river.